Course Reflection

gravityblaster2After taking this course, I’d have to say there’s much more to games than meets the eye. On the surface unknowingly, people play games as an escape. But there’s much more to it than that. The text we read helped us bridge the gaps between play and games. Learning the MDA framework (Mechanics/Dynamics/Aesthetics) was really interesting and helped us really put into perspective how games are designed. The Extra Credits videos helped us bridge together what really makes a game. They also went over a lot of what makes games tick. All the material we went over eventually made connections and complimented each other. Learning how to play games as a designer helped us really figure out how to make games overall. From our first tutorial through Game Maker Studio we were able to get a first taste in game development. The games we ended up creating for our first project were far from polished and had much to be desired. However we learned a large amount between then and our final project. For the final project, our team worked with Unity and was able to incorporate a lot of what we learned into a semi-polished final and presentable game. However at the forefront, team communication is key. Without communication between the producers, designers, programmers, and the artists, nothing would ever get done. There needs to be a collaborative effort from all ends in order to get things done.gravityblaster1


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