Month: April 2016

Technology-Based non Video Games


For our most recent technological game expedition, we tackled Ingress. Ingress, an augmented-reality MMO location-based game. There are two factions within this game, Enlightened and Resistance. If you’ve played Fallout 4 before, it is very similar to the Institute and the Railroad/Minutemen. At first I thought I was going to be able to play, since I had an iOS device. I had the game installed and ready to play. However, when we started to get ready to play, I learned that the game would not be compatible on jailbroken iOS devices. I ended up having to follow someone around a bit while they played to try and get a feel for the game.

The game pits two factions against each other in a pseudo territory capturing setting by using GPS technologies. There’s different items to also assist you while trying to capture portals. A downside of the game that I noticed is that the game uses a lot of battery on your phone. It’s tough to deploy resonators while you keep running out of battery.

The game reminds me a lot of Watchdogs in the sense that people around you might be involved in more than you think and that you should be careful. You never know who might be Resistance.


Video Game Prototype

Alien Invasion take 2!AlienInvasion

From our last build of the game, Alien Invasion went through a few changes. The alien’s goal is to try and survive on the planet for as long as possible.

The laser has been changed to become working, and serves as a power-up. The laser lasts around 4 seconds. It can be used by pressing Shift. Jump has been remapped to Spacebar, as games generally use Spacebar for jumping, and would be more natural for the player.

We added a dog obstacle that will be able to eat you, as well as the original truck that runs you over. These two obstacles will come at you at different speeds now and are both dangerous.

Sokthea and I had an idea to make a saucer power-up that would let you fly through the air air freely to avoid the different enemies. However, with how the game was coded focusing on collisions, it was difficult to implement. We ended up making the saucer an invincibility power-up for the player that lasts about 7 seconds.

As in all games, there are known issues with this game also. The scripting of the obstacles is off, and generates at at a weird pace. The obstacles come sometimes too often and sometimes overlap. The power-ups also generate much more often than they should, however with the pace of this game, perhaps you actually the power-ups that often.

To build upon this game, the power-up timers were overlooked, so I would add that into the game. I would also add in another timer for the game which would serve as the score-keeping process for the game (the longer the time, the better). Also, holes in the ground would be added in, as well as aerial obstacles to add to the game’s difficulty.

Download Link:

Credit: Aidan Nguyen (Programmer/Producer), Sokthea Mov (Artist/Designer)