Video Game Lab

For our last class meeting, we ended up This is the Only Level, Canabalt, Prismic Shift, and some other games. Each game was unique in how they were presented and how they tried to grasp our attention but shared some similarities. Since they were all flash games, 2D graphics are the usual medium, and each of them utilized 2D graphics. This is the Only Level and Canabalt were both presented as side-scrollers, and Prismic Shift was presented as topdown shooter. This is the Only Level was interesting as it showed multiple takes on one simple level. It was controlled through keyboard and mouse, depending on which “level” it was on. Canabalt was unique as it autoscrolled for you, but jumps were done with “x” or “c”. However they reused the same scenery throughout the levels, just like This is the Only Level. Prismic Shift used a joystick and buttons and had a unique input compared to the other two games.


When compared to WizardWizard, This is the Only Level and Canabalt were all similar as they are all 2D side-scrollers. However they are all vastly different. WizardWizard attempts to introduce a story similar to Super Mario as wizards with a storyline. This is the Only Level has no real story, and neither does Canabalt. However Canabalt attempts to drop you in a situation where you are running from something. Though the games can seem similar at first glance, each game is unique in how it’s presented.



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