Game of Memes

Memes have ruled the internet for the past few decades, sparking a wildfire following among users. Thousands of memes are introduced each day online, hoping to become the next big thing in pop culture. When tasked to create a game for our first prototype, Sunshine and I decided, “what better way to capture the attention of gamers than with pop culture references that surround them each and every day?”IMG_2084


Self-titled, “Meme”, is a roll-and-move, press-your-luck, grid movement, card-driven game. The game is set up through multiple phases:draw phase, tile flipping, card phase/chance phase, and then finally the movement phase. Each player starts of opposite sides of the board, and through these phases, you are attempting to reach the opposite side of the board. The board setup is similar to a chess board, with alternating colors of tiles spread throughout the board. The game requires the board, 64 tiles, 30 six-sided dice, six red and green tokens, and your own character pawn.Capture


Example ridiculous card from “We Didn’t Playtest This At All”

There are also two decks of action cards that have special abilities linked to memes and can heavily influence the game. There are multiple different types of cards in your deck. Bonus cards which can help advance the player towards their goal.Troll cards are used to mess with opponents and try to deter them away from their goal. With chance cards, you roll your die to determine whether the card was beneficial or not. Lastly, Derp cards generally have ridiculous actions that add humor to the game, similar to some of the cards in the card-based game “We Didn’t Playtest This At All”.

As of right now, the game is optimized for two players, but is open to the possibility of four players with some tweaking.


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