Classic Arcade Games: WWF Superstars

While perusing the Internet Arcade listings, I happened upon one particular game that interested me: WWF Superstars. The World Wrestling Federation has changed its name, and its roster has evolved over the years changing into a completely different brand, however there was something that urged me to play the game.

Upon starting the game, there were no instructions whatsoever to play the game. For computer illiterate people, this would probably have been a nightmare and most likely would have given up. But after fiddling around with my keyboard, pressing the TAB key led me into an options menu, where I eventually learned that I could enter the game by inserting a coin with the 5 key, and pressing the start button with the 1 key. In gameplay, I used the arrows to control my character, and CTRL and ALT to punch and kick. A combination of the two would grapple the enemy and perform any number of different moves, such as tosses or throwing them into the ropes. The game didn’t lwwfsstaruast that long, since I ended up losing the second match.

Playing on an emulator brings nostalgia to the player and they’re able to reminisce about the great games they used to play in their childhood. However, emulation is what it is; it can only imitate the original. Without the original controls and cabinet, there is only so much to the game. In most cases, the game won’t be able to run in its best form, as the hardware on our computers are not the same as the original arcade cabinet. The sound from WWF Superstars was atrocious, and had me begging to mute the game. The controls will be much different on a keyboard, but by having a joystick peripheral, some of the original design may be replicated. All in all, emulation is a great tool to bring about old games and some of their glory, but it cannot truly replicate the experience of the game itself.


Scott, J. (November, 2014). Internet Arcade: WWF Superstars: Free Streaming: Internet Archive. Internet Archive. Retrieved from

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